Study and Reference Guide - Appendix A

Topic area: Applicable to exam:
Potential areas of study for the written examinations: PRMN PRMA
Aeronautical products - identification; x x
Aircraft Certification Authority (ACA); x x
Aircraft identification & marking;   x
Airworthiness Directives (ADs) - requirements and responsibilities; x x
Airworthiness Limitations   x
Airworthiness Notices (ANs); x x
AMO certificates & ratings; x x
AMO Management - functions & responsibilities; x x
AMO training - requirements; x x
Canadian Aviation document – issue, validity; x x
Canadian Aviation Regulations - definitions; x x
Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) - numbering system;    
Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and Aeronautics Act (AA) - structure; x x
Defect control & deferral;   x
Elementary work - performance requirements;   x
Equipment lists (MELs, MMELs, etc).   x
Flight Authorities - Issuance and classes;   x
Maintenance releases; x x
Maintenance – performance;   x
Maintenance reliability program - requirements;    
Maintenance schedules - requirements;   x
Major & minor modifications - reporting requirements;   x
Operators MCM/MPM and MCM/MPM requirements; x x
Precision tools - calibration & requirements; x x
Personnel records – retention;   x
Quality assurance program - requirements; x x
Service Difficulty Reporting (SDRs); x x
Specialized and non-specialized maintenance; x x
Technical Dispatch - procedures;    
Technical records/log & journey log – requirements & recording; x x
Type Certificates - purpose;   x
Used parts installation - procedures; x x
Work performance rules – maintenance; x