Standards and Procedures

Human Performance Factors For Elementary Work and Servicing

Approved Organization Database

This is a database of companies that have been given Transport Canada approval and issued a certificate to carry out any combination of Maintenance, Manufacturing and/or Distribution activities. The information displayed for an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) will be according to the information held in our National Aviation Company Information System (NACIS) which is updated by the regions and administered from this Division.

List of Minister's Delegates - Maintenance (MD-M)

This is a current list of all current MD-Ms across Canada.

Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) Office

The purpose of SUP office is to support our industry both nationally and internationally by coordinating and tracking reports of SUPs in Canada and to advise all owners, operators, maintenance entities, and manufacturers of a part produced without proper production approval. We work in concert with our aviation partners and additional information may be obtained from our Information material regarding available material and presentations or the latest FAA SUPs may be viewed from the FAA SUP office site.

Implementation of New Rules and Exemptions

In our efforts to ensure standards are met it is recognized that the first step is initiated by providing information on what the standards are about. Therefore, we also develop and administer Information material for informing our inspectors and the industry at large of changes and developments in our regulatory system.

Aircraft Evaluations