Online Application Process

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The need for Personnel Security Screening:

The Personnel Security Screening Division ensures that all persons employed by the Department meet the Standards of reliability, trustworthiness and loyalty required by the position.

Our Policy:

Some Important Facts:

  • GSP requires that in all instances security screening must be conducted prior to employment in or transfer to a position which will accord an individual access to sensitive or classified information or assets.
  • At no time should a person be permitted access to sensitive or classified information unless he/she is in possession of the necessary reliability status or security clearance.
  • An employee's Reliability Status, or security clearance is updated at 5 year intervals.

To Find out More:

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Personnel Security Screening Division, please contact the Security Screening Office at :

Tel: (613) 990-5532 or Fax: (613) 990-2848
e-mail: SecurityScreeningRequests/

Application for Transportation Security Clearance

The purpose of the Application for Transportation Security Clearance is to ensure that all persons employed in a Canadian transportation facility meet the Standards of reliability and trustworthiness required by the position.

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