Submit air shipment details destined for Canada: Overview

Transport Canada is using the Pre-Load Air Cargo Targeting (PACT) pilot to assess and reduce risk for air shipments going to Canada. For the purpose of this pilot, you should submit your carrier shipment details in CIMP or CXML format to PACT for review.

There is no fee to submit your shipment details.

Who can submit air shipment details

  • organizations involved with the air cargo supply chain
  • air carriers
  • third party individuals or organizations working to help carriers
  • passenger carriers
  • freight forwarders

When to submit your shipment details

Timely transmission of quality data prior to consolidation and loading the cargo on an aircraft will be required to enable risk assessment for each cargo shipment and to conduct the required screening.

Benefits of participating

PACT is open for participation but may be restricted to those who can meet the requirements of the pilot project.

When you participate in PACT, you will help to create the procedures to enable:

  • Canada to put in place a pre-loading advance cargo information (PLACI) program that will improve safety and security
  • The testing and evaluation of innovations and tools, which will make PACT highly effective and efficient when it transitions into an official program

We encourage any organizations associated with the air cargo supply chain to contact TC to find out how their organization can contribute to the pilot project.


The PACT pilot is for testing and evaluation purposes only, there are no penalties for incorrect or untimely data.