Aviation Safety Videos

If your company, organization or association is looking for aviation safety videos to add to its audiovisual library, look no further. The following videos provide valuable, practical, advice on various aviation safety topics.

For more information, please contact the Civil Aviation Communications Centre at services@tc.gc.ca or 1-800-305-2059.

  • TP 14342 - Supercooled Large Droplet Icing
    Topics covered include how SLD icing conditions are different and exceed those required for aircraft certification; potential performance and handling hazards associated with SLD ice accretions; visual cues from the flight deck to aid early detection and escape; and finally where and how SLD forms in the atmosphere to better anticipate this condition.
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  • TP 14334 - Keep Your Eyes on the Hook! Helicopter External Load Operations-Ground Crew Safety
    This video is to sensitize ground crews to the hazards of working in and around helicopters involved in external load operations.
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  • TP 14185 - Through the Overcast
    "Through the Overcast" is a series of 11 aviation safety vignettes, varying in length between 5 and 6 minutes each, which was produced in 1997 by Ted Rankine Productions, for the National Search &Rescue Secretariat and Transport Canada. The aim of the vignettes is to promote safe practices for all sectors of the aviation industry, and to prevent accidents and incidents. By reducing the number of occurrences, the clips help also in preserving our national search and rescue resources. The clips feature Mr. Mike Doiron, who was the Regional Manager for System Safety, Transport Canada Atlantic Region, at the time of filming. Mr. Doiron is widely recognized as a champion of aviation safety in Canada, and he is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Moncton Flight College.
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  • TP 14123 - Aviation Maintenance Tool Management
    This CD-ROM aimed at the aerospace industry, is to be used in the teaching of methods to control Foreign Object Damage (FOD) in the various working environment that aircraft engineers and technicians work in. This CD-ROM contains a PowerPoint presentation and the video "Foreign Object Damage".
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  • TP 14041 - Icing for General Aviation Pilots
    Icing for General Aviation Pilots presents practical information to help pilots avoid and detect ice, minimize exposure, and safely exit icing conditions during each phase of flight. The effects of icing on aircraft performance and recovery procedures are also discussed.
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  • TP 13918 - 406 MHz ELT... The Next Generation of ELT
    (26:38 min.) - This video was produced by Transport Canada on behalf of the National Search and Rescue Secretariat (NSS) on its efforts to sensitize aircraft owners to upgrade their older 121.5 MHz ELT’s to the new 406 MHz technology.
    Please note that this video was produced in 2002. While some of its content is historical and dated, it still provides good basic information that is beneficial to Canadian pilots and aviation professionals.
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  • TP 13914 - Danger on the Runway
    (10:25 min.) - This video was produced by the joint Transport Canada / NAV CANADA "Incursion Prevention Action Team" (IPAT) Working Group, in support of its national safety awareness campaign on the prevention of runway incursions. The video presents three different runway incursion scenarios and offers strategies to reduce the runway incursion risk.
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  • TP 13876 – Weather to Fly
    The aim of these vignettes is to promote safe flying and how weather affects flight conditions and is a factor in every flight.
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  • TP 13838 - Black-holes and Little Grey Cells - Spatial Disorientation During NVFR
    In this safety video concerning Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR), black-hole illusion, somatogravic illusion and other traps and challenges facing pilots flying VFR at night are discussed and illustrated. The video also contains some recommended procedures and practices that will assist pilots in making their night VFR flights as safe as possible. This CD also includes the following materials: NVFR poster, articles published in the aviation safety newsletters, a brochure, a PowerPoint presentation and more.
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  • TP 13658 - NASA Tailplane Icing
    The Tailplane Icing video provides information about ice contaminated horizontal stabilizers and is intended for pilots who may encounter in-flight icing. The video presents a physical description of the tailplane icing problem, symptoms of ice contamination, and suggests recovery procedures.
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  • TP 13655 - Situational Awareness - Preventing Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT)
    (21 min. 41 sec.) - A video designed to alert you to the conditions and risks specific to controlled flight into terrain in order to improve your awareness of exactly where you are and what is going on around you during flight.
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  • TP 13654 - The Skylink Metro III Flight 070 Crash: Links in the Chain
    (13 min. 17 sec.) - A recreation of the final moments of Skylink Flight 070, a Fairchild Metro III that crashed at the Terrace Airport in British Columbia on September 26, 1989, killing all seven people on board. It deals with physiological and psychological factors that affected the crew and ultimately led to the accident.
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  • TP 13652 - The Human Factors In Aircraft Maintenance
    (20 min. 50 sec.) - This video is filmed in three modules which cover various aspects of the human factors that affect an AME's performance and his/her work. The video is formatted to be used in a workshop atmosphere or to be run from start to finish as an introduction to human factors in maintenance. A case study is used where the viewer is challenged to look for the factors that affected the AME's performance. Then questions are posed to the viewer(s) which are designed to promote discussion. Examples of safety nets that can reduce the possibility of making an error are also promoted.
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  • TP 13637 - Plane Talk on Ice
    (16 min. 22 sec.) - A group of concerned professionals - airline pilots, light airplane pilots, helicopter pilots, flight attendants and ground crew - has gathered in a hangar to talk about ice contamination and ways of dealing with it. The group discusses such things as poor crew communications, stress, inadequate ground procedures, corporate pressure and the effects of contamination on aerodynamics.
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  • TP 13632 - Helicopter Risk Management
    (16 min.) - A dramatic simulation of the triangular relationship between the customer, the helicopter operator and the pilot. It shows the different pressures placed on the pilot and the ways in which the pilot may needlessly become the victim of the other two.
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  • TP 13623 - A Simple Mistake: At An Uncontrolled Aerodrome, You Are in Control
    (19 min.) - A Simple Mistake is a dramatic simulation of a fatal accident caused by two simple and, unfortunately, common mistakes: one, a procedural error, and the other, an error of omission. Two small aircraft collide at an uncontrolled aerodrome in Northern Saskatchewan and five lives are lost. The video covers procedures that must be followed in order to ensure an acceptable level of safety in aircraft operations at an uncontrolled aerodrome. The lessons to be found in this video, although initially targeting general aviation, apply equally to all operations.
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  • TP 13609 - Flying Without Flight Attendants: The Ground (and Air) Rules
    (15 min.) - The video Flying Without Flight Attendants: the Ground (and Air) Rules is 15 minutes long and is targeted to all crews and passengers of commercial aircraft that are not required to have a flight attendant. This generally means all commercial aircraft with less than 20 passengers. It discusses important safety aspects in and around the aircraft. It is ideal for showing in passenger and crew lounges prior to departure, or for companies whose employees travel often in small aircraft.
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  • TP 2233 - Living with Vortices
    (12 min. 5 sec.) - An explanation of wake turbulence, using computer graphics, and a presentation of recommended pilot avoidance procedures for takeoff and landing.
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