Submit an ACP and AQPE Monitor Report

The Approved Check Pilot ( ACP ) and Advanced Qualification Program Evaluator ( AQPE ) Monitor Report is part of our ACP / AQP programs. The program ensures that ACPs and AQPEs are able to conduct flight checks in a safe, competent and standardized way.

You would submit an ACP and AQPE Monitor Report after doing a monitored flight check.

Submit your report

You may submit a report only if you hold a valid ACP / AQPE (type M) qualification rating.

To submit a report, log in to your dashboard using your Government Sign-In by Verified.Me.

Submit report

Other ways to submit

You may also submit the paper-based ACP and AQP monitor report [PDF, 698 KB]. Once completed and signed, forward a paper or a scanned copy to the appropriate Regional Office or National Operations.

After you submit your report

  1. A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector at Transport Canada will review your report.
  2. If the report is accepted, we will send you a copy and ask you to give the results to the candidate.
  3. If the report needs changes, we will notify you and ask you to submit the report again.

Contact us

Transport Canada ACP / AQP Program

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