Disinsection Policy - Air Canada

1. Routes?

  • Australia, New-Zealand, Barbados, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad & Tobago,
  • Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires/Buenos Aires to Santiago Chile,
  • Toronto - Buenos Aires

2. Product used?

  • Callington Haven – Pre-Spray (used for Pre-embarkation- Primary Product – Australia and New-Zealand only)
  • Callington Haven – Top of Descent Aircraft Insecticide (On Arrival – Alternate Product – Australia and New-Zealand only)(Despite the name this product is applied “On Arrival” into all destinations in Australia)
  • PSA Aircraft Insecticide Cabin Spray - Aerosol (used for all other destinations other than Australia)

3. Method: (a) Residual; (b) Top of descent; (c) On arrival; (d) Pre-Embarkation

  • Pre-Embarkation – Primary Method – Australia and New-Zealand Only
  • On Arrival – Alternate Method – Australia and New-Zealand Only
  • Top of Descent (for all other destinations listed above)

4. Time of year when disinsection is conducted?

  • Year round
  • (Some destinations are seasonal, as such spraying is required when these destinations are in the route structure of Air Canada's schedule.)

5. How are passenger complaints handled?

  • On board by operating crew, or after the flight by Customer Solutions

6. Who handles questions from the public?

  • Air Canada Customer Solutions:
    P.O. Box 64239,
    5512 4th Street, NW
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    T2K 6J0
    FAX: 1-866-584-0380
  • For residents of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia and the Netherlands:
    Air Canada - Customer Solutions
    Air Canada Complex
    Radius Park, Hatton Cross
    Feltham, Middlesex, England
    TW14 ONJ
    FAX: (44) 20 8750 8495
  • Local customer relations representatives located in Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sao Paulo
    (Contact details may be found in the list of Air Canada Worldwide offices.)

7. What kind of information is provided?

  • Legal requirement, product used and how it is used

8. When are passengers notified of procedure?

  • On board announcement prior to spraying cabin