Potable Water Systems On Board Aircraft

The Canada Labour Code, Part II, is the legislation which ensures that the health and safety of all employees, who are under federal jurisdiction while at work, is protected. At the same time, the Department of Health Act is the legislation responsible for the protection of public health on aircraft. Therefore, air operators have regulated responsibilities to both their employees and passengers to ensure that potable water systems on board their aircraft are installed and maintained in the manner prescribed. Towards that end, air operators with potable water systems on board their aircraft are to ensure they are in compliance with the Public Health Agency of Canada's Potable Water Regulations for Common Carriers.

To remind air operators of their responsibilities in this regard, Transport Canada published a Commercial and Business Aviation Advisory Circular (CBAAC #0208) entitled "Air Operators' Responsibilities With Respect To Potable Water Systems On Board Aircraft". 

The CBAAC recommends that air operators develop a comprehensive Water Quality Management Program, which would deal not only with potable water quality on board aircraft, but as well during transfer from source to airport and from airport to aircraft.

Should the general public have any questions, concerns and/or requests for additional information about potable water systems on board aircraft, they are to contact Health Canada at:

Travelling Public Program  
Office of Border Health Services
Public Health Agency of Canada
100 Colonnade Road, Mail Stop: 6201C
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0K9

Email: tpp.ppv@phac-aspc.gc.ca
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