Notices of government drone operations

We are using drones, or remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), to help us develop a regulatory framework by increasing what we know about beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations in Canada. Activities include whale monitoring and surveys, highway mapping in Inuvik, and the Arctic Unmanned Aircraft System Initiative.

This page lists future and ongoing RPAS flight operations by Canadian federal government departments and agencies. All flights have been authorized with a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC).

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Gaspé area flight operations

Flight purpose: North Atlantic Right Whale monitoring

Date: July 7 to August 19, 2022

Operator: Transport Canada Aircraft Services Directorate

RPAS used: Griffon Aerospace SeaHunter

NOTAM search:

  1. visit the Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) at
  2. enter airport ID: CYGP
  3. select: NOTAM checkbox
  4. click on “Search”
  5. effective NOTAMs will be available one week before the commencement of RPAS operations

Gaspé airspace usage

RPAS Whale Monitoring 07 July to 19 August 2022
Drone Monitoring of NARW 2022 - Text version

This airspace map of the Gaspe region gives a pictorial reference to the airspace designated in the relevant NOTAM’s. It is provided to enhance the situational awareness for all airspace users.

CYGP Area 5.1


CYGP CZ = SFC to 4,000’ ASL

Transition area 15NM = SFC to 4,000’ ASL
Corridors route = SFC to 4,000’ ASL
Mike = 1,500’ to 5,000’ ASL
November = 1,500’ to 5,000’ ASL
Oscar = 1,500’ to 5,000’ ASL
Tango = 1,500’ to 5,000’ ASL

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