Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) traffic management services testing – Call for proposals

RPAS Traffic Management (RTM) is an air traffic management ecosystem of services. Another name for RTM is Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM). Remotely piloted aircraft are often called “drones” by the general public.

These systems can manage remotely piloted aircraft operating in Canadian airspace. They have features like RPAS tracking, remote identification, and conflict resolution.

With new technologies and uses for RPAS emerging, RTM services will be developed, rolled-out and introduced into use.

In this series of tests, Transport Canada is looking for proposals from innovators that will help set the requirements for, and the deployment of services needed for Canada’s RTM system.

These tests will be ongoing. We expect that this will be the beginning of a series of calls looking for more and more sophisticated and complex proposals as services and technology are proven and advanced.

You can submit an Expression of Interest for this round of trials until 5:00 pm Pacific Time, June 7, 2020.

On this page

Who this call for proposals is for

This call for proposals is for the following groups:

  • Aviation industry
  • RPAS industry stakeholders
  • Telecommunications industry
  • Technology research, development and innovation sector
  • RPAS operators

In this package

The package contains:

  • Background, scope and purpose of the tests
  • Test selection process
  • Supporting documents including:
    • Transport Canada’s strategy for implementing RTM in Canada
    • Selection criteria for tests
    • Background on NAV CANADA’s Situational Awareness application
    • Glossary of RTM-related terms
    • Service provision table
    • Example of the kind of data that we’re looking for
    • Templates for Expression of Interest and Written Proposal

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Get a copy of the RTM Services Trials package and a fillable Expression of Interest template sent to you by email.

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