Human Performance Factors For Elementary Work and Servicing


The following document is intended to raise awareness of human performance and human factors issues for individuals tasked with doing "Elementary Work" as per Canadian Aviation Regulation (CARs) 625, Appendix A(3).

Appendix A(3) is specifically for "Operators" and states in part:

"For aircraft operated pursuant to CAR 406, CAR 604 and CAR Part VII, the following tasks are elementary work, provided they are individually listed in the operator's maintenance control manual and or operational manual as applicable, along with a reference to the training to be undertaken by persons authorized to perform them:."

This document is designed to meet the initial Human Factors training requirements for personnel tasked with Elementary Work and Servicing duties, in conjunction with other training programs such as crew resource management. It is not intended to replace, but rather to supplement the training referenced above.

The terms "elementary work", and "servicing" tend to diminish the importance of the tasks being accomplished. It is essential that everyone working on an aircraft understand that no matter how simple the task, if it is not done properly, the results can be serious.