Aircraft type designation

This web page is dedicated to Aircraft Type Designators that are endorsed on flight crew permits and licenses in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) Part IV.

Transport Canada incorporates two certification processes for new aircraft being introduced and operated in Canada - the aircraft certification itself, and the operational evaluation process. These evaluations are conducted separately.

  • Aircraft type certification, which occurs first, results in an Aircraft Type Certificate Data Sheet that Transport Canada uses to assign aircraft type designators and minimum crew requirements.
  • The operational evaluation (OE) that is conducted by an Operational Evaluation Team after the certification process, results in a determination whether or not the aircraft is considered a variant of an existing type requiring additional Aircraft Differences Training. See the "Aircraft Differences Training - Similar Aircraft Types" tables below for further guidance.

The aircraft type designator tables for the respective category of aircraft can be found in Standard 421 – Flight Crew Permits, Licences and Ratings - Appendix A - Aircraft Type Designator Tables (includes Blanket and Individual Type Ratings).