Apply to the Airport Relief Fund

Contributions may be made to all National Airport System (NAS) airport authorities and the following identified airports: City of Kelowna - Kelowna International Airport, City of Abbotsford Airport, Fort McMurray International Airport, Hamilton International Airport Limited, and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, so long as their 2019 total revenues from all sources are less than $250 million. The contributions are to cover activities that are directly related to the airport’s operations to ensure that the airport remains open.

The Airport Relief Fund’s application process has been designed with a streamlined approach in mind to minimize the administrative burden on airports and to enable funding to be distributed quickly.

IMPORTANT: In May, invitations will be sent by Transport Canada to identified eligible airports; the invitation will include an application agreement form for each identified eligible airport to complete and submit back to Transport Canada by July 30, 2021 to

Transport Canada will review and confirm the applicant’s eligibility based on the information provided by the applicant in the application agreement form.

When signed by the eligible airport and Transport Canada, the application agreement form acts as a funding agreement.

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Identified eligible airports can consult the Airport Relief Fund Application Guide.

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