10.6 Abnormal Procedures

10.6.1 ACDs should be very aware of potential problems when simulating abnormal conditions. The emergency categories or incident procedures must be outlined in the air operator’s operations manual. The dispatcher’s ability to manage abnormal operations is paramount. Items to be monitored and inspected are (not limited to):

  1. Verify the flight dispatcher’s ability to react to emergency or abnormal operations, including activation of the emergency response plan and/or notification of responsible personnel;

  2. Knowledge of information required by government agencies during an abnormal procedure or incident (e.g. documents or authorization to be obtained to operate an aircraft with one engine inoperative, etc..);

  3. Knowledge of standard procedures and documents required for investigation of emergencies or accidents (e.g. information that a flight dispatcher should ascertain if an unlawful threat is received (male/female, any accent, young or old voice, etc.);

Some common errors that may affect the assessment briefings and briefing documentation are:

  1. Dispatcher’s lack of knowledge regarding alarm procedure (unable to locate or use the alarm procedures outline by the air operator);

  2. Slow or passive reaction to an emergency situation;

  3. Poor communication skills during an abnormal operation;