We thank the following people for sharing their knowledge and experience with us – Mark Adam (Falcon Environmental Services, Montreal), Dave Ball (Vancouver International Airport), Marcel Barriere (Daishowa Inc., Quebec City), Larry Conrad (Britannia Road Landfill Site, Mississauga, Ontario), John Floyd (U.S.D.A., Wildlife Services, Atlantic City Airport), Shawn Hicks (Halifax International Airport), Steen Klint (Director, Environmental Services Department, County of Simcoe, Ontario), Brian Richmond (Environmental Technologist, Calgary Airport Authority), and R. Sliwinski (U.S.D.A., Wildlife Services, O'Hare International Airport, pers. comm.).

Our sincere thanks especially to Bruce MacKinnon of Transport Canada for initiating this project and for his guidance and support during its preparation.

At LGL Limited, Gary Searing and Mike Demarchi provided insight based on their experience at Vancouver International Airport. Bill Koski and John Richardson provided access to much of the relevant literature.