10.1 General

10.1.1 Competency checks are conducted/monitored to assess the effectiveness and standard of the air operator's training system and to qualify dispatchers for operational control.

10.1.2 The competency check will be conducted in accordance with:

  1. the standards described in this chapter;

  2. other TC documents such as the CAR s, CASS , CAP , CFS ; and

  3. air operator documents such as the COM , AOM and SOP s.

10.1.3 The DCC will be documented on the Competency Check Report ( Appendix C).

10.1.4 Each item of the competency check must receive an assessment, and must be graded according to the assessment standards and rating definitions of section 10.2. The appropriate rating for each exercise must be recorded on the competency check report and any sequence graded “2” or “1” requires a narrative in the comments section of the report.

10.1.5 Most sections in this Chapter include a list of common errors that may affect the rating of a sequence. ACD s must use the wording of the appropriate common error where applicable.