10.3 Tolerances

10.3.1  The tolerances for a competency check must be respected by all ACD s. Each candidate must demonstrate operational control is maintained by:

  1. planning flights safely, legally, and within reasonable time frame;

  2. providing accurate and timely flight watch;

  3. advising flights of required changes in flight plans in a timely manner;

  4. assessing MEL items at the pre planning stage and during flight watch;

  5. assessing weather accurately and effectively;
  6. simulating the Emergency Response procedures in accordance with the Company’s documented procedures; and
  7. reporting of safety related issues in accordance with the Company’s safety reporting procedures.

10.3.2  These criteria assume no unusual circumstances or conditions and may require allowances for momentary variations. Such things as weather, delays in communication due to the remote location of certain facilities, or simulated malfunction may modify the exact rating definition and tolerances to be applied during a particular sequence of events.