10.7 Dispatcher Co-ordination

10.7.1  An assessment of dispatcher’s ability to interact with other departments effectively is required. The actions of the individual should contribute to the overall effectiveness of the dispatcher during normal, abnormal, and emergency situations. Dispatcher resource management should be observed individually, and have an interrelationship in the overall effectiveness of operational control. Each dispatcher must demonstrate effective relationship both internally and externally.

10.7.2  Procedures utilized by the dispatcher must be in accordance with company Standard Operating Procedures.

Some common errors that may affect dispatcher co-ordination are (not limited to):

  1. failure to complete duties as described in the company SOP s;
  2. failure to heed warnings of other dispatchers;
  3. loss of situational awareness due to ineffective dispatcher communication;
  4. failure to alert other dispatchers to potentially hazardous situations;
  5. failure to effectively share workload with other dispatchers;
  6. overall dispatcher lack of awareness, or attention to, operational control functions; or
  7. tendency to deviate from SOP s when workload increases.