For the purposes of this Transport Canada publication, the following acronyms apply.

Abbreviation Definition

ACD - Approved Check Dispatcher
ACI - Air Carrier Inspector
AFM - Aircraft Flight Manual
AIM - Aeronautical Information Manual
AIRMET - Airmen’s Meteorological Information
AOM - Aircraft Operating Manual
ATC - Air Traffic Control
CACD - Contracted Approved Check Dispatcher
CAD - Canadian Aviation Document
CAP - Canada Air Pilot
CAR - Canadian Aviation Regulation
CASS - Commercial Air Service Standards
CBA - Commercial and Business Aviation
CCD - Company Check Dispatcher
CFS - Canada Flight Supplement
COM - Company Operations Manual
DCC - Dispatch Competency Check
FA - Area Forecast
GFA - Graphical Area Forecast
MEL - Minimum Equipment List
NACIS - National Aviation Company Information System
NOTAM - Notice To Airmen
OJT - On the Job Training
PIREP - Pilot Report
POI - Principal Operations Inspector
RNAV - Area Navigation
RVSM - Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
SIGMET - Significant Meteorology
SMS - Safety Management System
SOP - Standard Operating Procedures
TATC - Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada
TC - Transport Canada
USA - United States of America