5802 file number means a number that is assigned by Transport Canada to holders of civil aviation licenses and certificates.

5258 file number means a number that is assigned by Transport Canada to civil aviation air operators.

ACD means Approved Check Dispatcher and can be a Company Check Dispatcher ( CCD ), or Contracted Approved Check Dispatcher ( CACD ).

ACD Monitor means the passive observance by a TC Inspector of the manner in which an ACD conducts a competency check, assesses the results and processes the necessary documentation.

Aircraft Operating Manual ( AOM ) means a Pilot’s Operating Manual, a Pilot’s Operating Handbook, a Flight Crew Operating Manual or a manual established by the air operator for the use and guidance of flight dispatchers in the operations of its aircraft.

Authorized person means a person who is delegated the authority to conduct annual competency checks and by signing the dispatcher certificate validates that certificate as per CASS 725.124(21)(i).

Conduct means to take an active role in all phases of a competency check, including pre-flight preparation, the briefing, the control and pace of the various sequences, the assessment of the competency check candidate’s performance, the debriefing, and completion of required documents including certification of the candidate’s certificate.

Issuing authority means the person with the appropriate delegated authority under the Director, National Operations or under the Regional Director, Civil Aviation, as appropriate.

Competency check means a check conducted in accordance with CAR subsection 705.110(1) and CASS paragraph 725.124(21)(i).

METAR means an aviation meteorology hourly report for a specific airport or aerodrome.

NACIS means National Aviation Company Information System and is the database that is maintained to validate and control DCCs and the status of all issued ACD authorities.

Nominee means a person nominated by an air operator as a candidate for CCD or CACD approval by TC .

Air Operator means the holder of an air operator certificate or a private operator certificate.

POI means Principal Operations Inspector and is a Transport Canada Civil Aviation Inspector responsible for the oversight of an air operator.

Professional suitability means a demonstrated willingness to work cooperatively with Transport Canada to uphold the principles of aviation safety.

Qualified personnel designate persons that meet the requirements of this manual to act as ACD s.

Simulated Events means a document that governs the events presented to candidates during the conduct of a competency check. The simulation provides questions and scenarios for the execution of mandatory items.

SOPs means approved Standard Operating Procedures established by an air operator, which enable a dispatcher to plan aircraft operations within the limitations specified in the Aircraft Flight Manual.

TAF (TAFOR) means an aviation meteorology forecast for a specific airport or aerodrome.

TC Inspector means a Transport Canada Inspector who works in the Commercial and Business Aviation ( CBA ) or National Operations Branch and is authorized to conduct competency checks and monitors.

Vital action means an action that must be taken by the dispatcher to alleviate a situation that could jeopardize safety of flight. The action must be taken in a timely manner consistent with the CAR s and Company Operations Manual.