This manual contains the standards, policies, procedures and guidelines that pertain to the Approved Check Dispatcher ( ACD ) program and is published for use by Transport Canada Inspectors, Air and Private Operator Company Check Dispatchers ( CCDs ) and Contracted Approved Check Dispatchers ( CACDs ).

CCDs and CACDs are approved by the person with the appropriate delegated authority under the Director, National Operations or under the Regional Director, Civil Aviation, as appropriate, and are authorized to conduct Dispatcher Competency Checks ( DCC ) on behalf of Transport Canada.

When performing their duties, CCDs and CACDs are first and foremost acting as delegates of the Minister according to subsection 4.3(1) of the Aeronautics Act thus it is imperative that the policies and procedures specified in this manual be adhered to.

Transport Canada Inspectors will also abide by the policies and procedures specified for the approval and monitoring of ACDs as well as the conduct of DCCs .

Original signed by

Jacqueline Booth
A/ Director, Standards
Civil Aviation
Transport Canada