TP 13094 - Civil Aviation Maintenance Schedule Approval Policy and Procedures Manual

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  1. Purpose
  2. Reference Material
  3. Applicability
  4. Background
1. Purpose

1.1 This document provides guidance to headquarters, regional and industry personnel in the development and approval of aircraft maintenance schedules, including some, but not all of the means by which such schedules can be amended.

2. Reference Material

2.1 This policy and procedures manual should be used in conjunction with the following documents.

2.1.1 CAR 406, Division IV

2.1.2 Personnel Licensing and Training Standards - Flight Training Units,
STD 426, Division IV

2.1.3 CAR 605, Division III

2.1.4 Operating and Flight Rules Standards - Aircraft Equipment and Maintenance Standard, STD 625, Appendices "B", "C" and "D"

2.1.5 CAR Part VII

2.1.6 Airworthiness Manual Advisory 571.101/1 - Reliability Monitoring Programs

2.1.7 (TP) 13850 Scheduled Maintenance Instruction Development Processes

3. Applicability

3.1 The procedures described herein may be applied to any aircraft, but are primarily intended for:

3.1.1 aircraft operated by flight training units under CAR 406;

3.1.2 aircraft operated commercially under CAR Part VII;

3.1.3 pressurized turbine powered aircraft;

3.1.4 large aircraft; and

3.1.5 airships.

4. Background

4.1 Certain classes of aircraft (essentially those described in the applicability section) must be maintained in accordance with a maintenance schedule that has been approved by the Minister for the use of the particular operator. This document must contain details of all scheduled maintenance to be performed, including inspections, overhauls, replacements, operational checks, lubrication, etc. The minimum contents of such a schedule are outlined in STD 625, Appendices B, C and D.