Client Pressures

SR 8 - Recommend Transport Canada, in association with the aviation industry, review and update promotional material to educate clients about human factors and safety issues and distribute information about how clients can identify safety-minded air operators.

IA 8 - Recommend air operator associations participate in the review of promotional material aimed at educating clients, and produce and distribute information to their member air operators.

SR 9 - Recommend Transport Canada amend the Company Aviation Safety Officer course and Air Taxi client briefings to include a module on client education and customer relations.

SR 10 - Recommend Transport Canada organize and facilitate sessions where air operators can meet as a group to take an active role in fostering a safety culture and encouraging safe operating practices, discuss common problems and arrive at industry-made solutions in cooperation with Transport Canada. Once the group is established, Transport Canada's role would diminish as the group becomes self-sufficient.

IA 10 - Recommend air operators actively participate in the Transport Canada/air operator group sessions.

SR 11 - Recommend Transport Canada make funding or other assistance available for air operators who are establishing safety associations or programs.