8. Wire Degradation

Normal maintenance actions, even using acceptable methods, techniques and practices, can over time be a contributing factor to wire degradation. Zones that are subject to a high level of maintenance activity display more deterioration of the wiring insulation than those areas not subject to frequent maintenance. Degradation of wiring is further accelerated when inappropriate maintenance practices are used. Examples include the practice of needling wires to test the continuity or voltage, and using a metal wire or rod as a guide to feed new wires into an existing bundle. These practices could cause a breach in the wiring insulation that can contribute to arcing.

Over time, insulation can crack or breach, thereby exposing the conductor. This breakdown, coupled with maintenance actions, can exacerbate EWIS malfunction. Wiring that is undisturbed will have less degradation than wiring that is disturbed during maintenance.

For additional information on the principle causes of wire degradation see Appendix E.