This manual has been prepared for Transport Canada Civil Aviation and civil aviation industry, personnel to use when developing applicable and effective maintenance tasks for electrical wiring interconnection systems (EWIS). It contains guidance information that was derived through the efforts of the Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ATSRAC). Transport Canada was invited to participate on the Committee initiated by the Clinton Administration of the United States who chartered ATSRAC to review the effects of aging on transport systems and to develop and make recommendations for the mitigation of those aging effects. This document was presented to the ATSRAC committee as a draft document suitable for the regulatory authorities to publish as an acceptable means to develop maintenance tasks and the associated maintenance intervals necessary to mitigate the effects of aging on Electrical Wire Interconnection Systems (EWIS). Transport Canada has accepted this document for the purposes of developing a program to enhance electrical wiring interconnection system maintenance.

This document may be obtained by downloading it from the Transport Canada Civil Aviation web site at the following address.
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