Recommended Future Studies

  1. Several bird control products are relatively new on the market, are heavily promoted, and are expensive. Some Canadian airports have purchased and installed these devices, at significant expense in some cases. These products should be subject to independent testing rather than relying on the unproven claims of the manufacturer. While certain of these products have potential for effective bird control, others do not. Yet airport operators are looking at the claims for these products without the benefit of an unbiased review. The most heavily marketed products are - the "Falcon-Imitator" and "Rotating Hunter" units from Agri-SX, the Phoenix Wailer, ReJeX-iT, and Bird Balls™.
  2. Habitat modification, with few exceptions, is the basis for effective bird and wildlife control at airports. We recommend that more research be conducted in this area. It is our opinion that there is much to be learned and gained from further investigation and experimentation. Also, sharing of habitat management information among airports would useful.
  3. Finally, we strongly recommend that information regarding the efficacy of bird control products and techniques be passed on to airport operators and wildlife control personnel. Transport Canada continues to have a major role to play in the testing and dissemination of information on bird control techniques. The Bird Strike Committee Canada is another important vehicle for the exchange of bird control information.