Flight Test Exercises - Aircraft Familiarization

1. Documents


To determine that the candidate can correctly assess the validity of documents required on board and, from these documents, determine that the aircraft is ready for flight.


The candidate will be required to determine the validity of all documents required to be carried on board the aircraft and determine that any required maintenance certifications have been completed.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. determine if the documents required on board are valid;
  2. in the case of an advanced ultra-light aeroplane, determine if the required maintenance actions have been completed and modifications approved, indicating that the aircraft is fit for the proposed period of flight;
  3. in the case of an aeroplane that has a flight authority, determine if the maintenance release ensures aeroplane serviceability and currency of inspection for the proposed period of flight and ensures that any conditions or limitations on the maintenance release can be complied with;
  4. determine the number of flying hours remaining before the next service or maintenance task; and
  5. determine the impact of deferred defects on aircraft operations for the proposed flight.