Flight Test Exercises - Preparation for Flight

15. Approach and Landing


To determine that the candidate can approach and land safely using the correct procedure and technique for the actual wind conditions, runway surface and length (or those specified by the examiner) and to assess the possibility of such further conditions such as wake turbulence.


The candidate will be required to demonstrate a landing appropriate to the conditions that exist, or those specified by the examiner. When the examiner specifies simulated conditions such as surface conditions, obstacles on approach, runway threshold or length of surface available to the candidate, they will be clearly specified prior to commencing the exercise.

Assessment of approaches and landings will be based on the candidate's ability to select the proper approach profile for the actual or simulated conditions.

Seaplane candidates will be expected to demonstrate a glassy water approach and landing if real glassy water conditions are readily available in proximity to the landing site.

Note: The candidate will be required to explain the necessity for any variation from recommended airspeeds, i.e. gusty or crosswind conditions.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. use procedures appropriate to the wind conditions, landing surface and obstructions;
  2. establish the recommended approach and landing configuration;
  3. maintain a stabilized approach at the recommended airspeed (+10/-0 mph);
  4. maintain crosswind correction and directional control throughout the approach and landing;
  5. make smooth, timely, and correct control applications during the approach and landing;
  6. touch down smoothly at a minimum safe speed for existing conditions, within the specified touch-down zone;
  7. touch down with no drift and with the longitudinal axis of the aircraft aligned with and over the runway centreline or the centre of the selected landing path;
  8. apply brakes as necessary, without locking the wheels; and
  9. complete appropriate checks.