Flight Test Exercises - Preparation for Flight

5. Ancillary Controls


To determine that the candidate can operate ancillary controls/aircraft systems in accordance with the operating manual.


The candidate will be required to demonstrate practical knowledge of the operation of systems installed on the aircraft being used for the flight test. Use of these systems will be evaluated both on the ground and in the air.

Performance Criteria

The candidate will be expected to operate the ancillary controls in accordance with the operating manual and explain the operation of at least one of the following systems, as specified by the examiner:

  1. primary flight controls and trim;
  2. flaps;
  3. powerplant, including carburetor heat and mixture controls;
  4. fuel or oil system;
  5. electrical system;
  6. avionics systems;
  7. pitot-static system, vacuum/pressure system and associated flight instruments;
  8. any other systems unique to the aircraft.