Flight Test Exercises - Preparation for Flight

4. Engine Starting and Run-up, Use of Checklists


To determine that the candidate can complete engine start, warm-up, run-up, and systems checks in accordance with the checklists or placards provided by the aircraft manufacturer or owner, completing at least those items in the operating manual.


The candidate will be required to use recommended procedures in engine starting, warm-up, run-up and check aircraft systems and equipment to determine that the aircraft is ready for flight. The candidate will be asked to demonstrate or explain how to correct any unsatisfactory condition encountered or specified by the examiner.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. demonstrate an awareness of other persons and property before and during engine start;
  2. use the appropriate checklist provided by the manufacturer or aircraft owner;
  3. accurately complete the engine and aircraft systems checks;
  4. check flight controls for freedom of operation and correct movement; and
  5. take appropriate action with respect to unsatisfactory conditions.