Flight Test Exercises - Preparation for Flight

10. Precautionary Landing


To determine that the candidate can carry out the procedure for evaluating an unfamiliar airstrip or a landing area where the suitability of the landing surface is unknown.


The examiner will assign a potential landing area. The candidate will be required to determine whether or not the site would be suitable for a landing, using an organized procedure to assess factors such as obstacles, softness or hardness of the surface, slope, roughness, length, width, wind direction or other factors affecting a landing.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. establish circuits at an appropriate distance from the runway or airstrip;
  2. overfly the landing area in stabilized flight that will permit an effective assessment of surface conditions and maintain a safe obstacle clearance altitude;
  3. maintain appropriate altitude, heading and airspeed;
  4. select the most suitable touchdown zone considering wind conditions, landing surface and obstructions;
  5. indicate the type of landing to be used;
  6. prepare the passenger for landing; and
  7. complete appropriate checks.