Flight Test Exercises - Preparation for Flight

8. Stall


To determine that the candidate can recognize the indications of an approach to a stall and can accomplish a positive and smooth recovery with minimum loss of altitude.


The candidate will be required, at an operationally safe altitude that allows recovery at or above 2000feet AGL or the minimum height recommended by the manufacturer, whichever is higher, to enter the approach to a stall manoeuvre from a reduced power situation. The examiner will specify the aircraft configuration for the approach to stall demonstration.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. complete appropriate safety precautions before entering a stall;
  2. establish the specified configuration;
  3. transition smoothly to a pitch attitude that will induce a stall;
  4. maintain directional control;
  5. promptly and smoothly recover using control application in the proper sequence; and
  6. avoid secondary stall, excessive airspeed, or excessive altitude loss.