Flight Test Exercises - Preparation for Flight

13. Emergency Procedures


To determine that the candidate can react promptly and correctly to emergencies.


The examiner will specify an emergency situation. The candidate will be required to describe or demonstrate the appropriate procedures to respond to the emergency. Assessment may be carried out during any portion of the flight test.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to analyze the situation, take appropriate action and follow appropriate memory items, emergency checklists or procedures, for any one (1) of the following simulated emergencies, as specified by the examiner:

  1. partial power loss;
  2. rough engine operation or overheat;
  3. loss of oil pressure;
  4. fuel starvation;
  5. electrical fire;
  6. vacuum system failure;
  7. pitot or static blockage;
  8. cabin fire;
  9. icing;
  10. electrical failures;
  11. flap failure;
  12. brake failure or seizure;
  13. door opening in flight;
  14. emergency descent;
  15. dig, bounce, submerging float, porpoising (seaplane candidates only); or
  16. any other emergency particular to the aircraft.