General - Incomplete Flight Test

If the test is not completed due to circumstances beyond the candidate's control, the subsequent flight test will include the flight test items not completed on the original flight test and will be completed within the 30days of the original letter of recommendation.

The following process will apply:

  1. a copy of the flight test report must be given to the candidate;
  2. the flight test may be completed at a later date;
  3. the test may be completed by the same or another examiner;
  4. the original letter of recommendation remains valid;
  5. flight test items already assessed will not be re-tested, but items already demonstrated during the initial flight, and repeated for the purpose of the second flight, may be re-assessed as "Below Standard" (1), if the candidate displays unsafe or dangerous flying;
  6. the original flight test report may be used to complete the test, or two separate reports may be submitted; and
  7. the candidate is permitted to complete additional training while awaiting completion of the test.

If the initial flight test included one or two failed flight test items, the partial flight test for these items may be conducted during the subsequent flight test flight, after the candidate has completed all of the required items, provided:

  1. the minimum pass mark has been achieved;
  2. no additional items were failed during the subsequent flight test; and
  3. a letter of recommendation for the partial flight test was received prior to the flight.