This manual in conjunction with the (name of Air Operator) Flight Operations Manual contain all the pertinent information, and is intended to meet all Transport Canada Regulations and Standards. Instructions contained in this manual shall govern the conduct of the Operational Control System of (Name of Air Operator). Where operating procedures and performance data presentations differ from those of Transport Canada, such revised procedures and modified performance presentations must be approved by Transport Canada.

When operations are scheduled with certain airplane or airplane system components unserviceable, the airplane must be operated accordance with the limitations stated in the FOM and as amended by the Minimum Equipment List (MEL). Maintenance will install placards at appropriate locations in the airplane advising of unserviceable equipment. Dispise the Captain whenever the airplane is dispatched utilizing MEL relief.

When operation is scheduled with certain secondary airframe and engine parts missing, the airplane must be operated in accordance with the limitation stated in the FOM and as amended by the Configuration Deviation List (CDL). Dispatch will advise the Captain whenever the airplane is dispatched in accordance with the CDL.

This manual is the property of (Name of Air Operator) and any disclosure of its contents to others is given in strictest confidence. It must not be reproduced or used in any way except with the specific approval and permission of the (Director of Flight Operations).

Any questions with respect to use of this manual or information contained herein shall be directed to the (Director Flight Operations).


This Flight Dispatcher Manual (FDM) has been prepared by (Name of air operator). The purpose of this manual is to:

  • Provide the necessary operating limitations, procedures, performance and systems information the qualified flight dispatcher requires to safely and efficiently exercise operational control for (Name of air operator).
  • Serve as a review guide for use in recurrent training and Flight Dispatcher Competency checks.
  • Establish standardized procedures and practices as outlined in Transport Canada's Commercial Air Services Standards (CASS).

The FDM is structured in (6 chapters) containing (list the chapter titles).

The FDM will be periodically revised to incorporate pertinent procedural and system information changes. Items of a more critical nature will be incorporated in operational bulletins and distributed in a timely manner. In all cases, such revisions and changes will remain compatible with the Commercial Air Services Standards (CASS).