Appendix F - Transport Canada Master Minimum Equipment List (Aircraft Type)


All equipment installed on an aircraft in compliance with the Airworthiness Standards and the Operating Rules must be operative. However, CAR 605.07, permits the publication of a Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) where compliance with certain equipment requirements is not necessary under all operating conditions. Experience has shown that with the various levels of redundancy designed into aircraft, operation of every system or installed component may not be necessary when the remaining operative equipment can provide the required level of safety.

Equipment not required by the operation being conducted and equipment in excess of the requirements are included in the MEL with appropriate conditions and limitations. The MEL must not deviate from the Aircraft Flight Manual Limitations, Emergency Procedures or with Airworthiness Directives. It is important to remember that all equipment related to the airworthiness and operating regulations of the aircraft not listed on the MMEL must be operative.

Suitable conditions and limitations in the form of placards, maintenance procedures, crew operating procedures and other restrictions as necessary are specified in the MEL to ensure that the required level of safety is maintained.

The MEL is intended to permit operation with inoperative items of equipment for a period of time until repairs can be accomplished. It is important that repairs be accomplished at the earliest opportunity. In order to maintain the required level of safety and reliability the MMEL establishes limitations on the duration of and conditions for operation with inoperative equipment. When an item of equipment is discovered to be inoperative, it is reported by making an entry in the Aircraft Maintenance Record/ Journey Logbook. The item is then either repaired or deferred as per the MEL. Alternatively, the aircraft must be in compliance with CAR sections 605.08 (2) or 605.09 (2) which specify the requirements for operating an aircraft subject to the conditions of a flight permit and the subordinate position of a MEL with regard to an Airworthiness Directive (AD) for the same Item.. MEL conditions and limitations do not relieve the operator from determining that the aircraft is in a safe condition for operation with items of equipment inoperative. [See CAR 605.08 (1)]

Operators are responsible for exercising the necessary operational control to ensure that the required level of safety is maintained. When operating with multiple inoperative items, the interrelationships between those items and the effect on aircraft operation and crew workload must be considered.

Operators are to establish a controlled and sound repair program including the parts, personnel, facilities, procedures, and schedules to ensure timely repair.

When using the MEL, compliance with the stated intent of the preamble, definitions, and the conditions and limitations specified in the MEL is required.