The Task Force recommendations are aimed at Transport Canada Safety and Security, NAV CANADA, the Transportation Safety Board and the Air Taxi industry. They represent a challenge to industry in partnership with government to act on the recommendations and be proactive in their approach to aviation safety. In a very competitive environment and under difficult operating conditions, survival is the number one priority for most air operators. Without doubt a safetyminded company must be led by safety-minded individuals. Safety can be generated from the bottom up, but without the full and active participation, leadership and support of management, Air Taxi companies will never consider safety to be the number-one priority.

The SATOPS Task Force recommendations are divided into thirteen general categories: Airworthiness, Client Pressures, Communication, Decision Making/Human Factors, Flight Training Units, Management, Navigation, Operating Pressures, Operating Problems, Statistics, Training, Transport Canada, and Weather. "SR" denotes SATOPS Recommendation and in some cases there is a corresponding "IA" for recommended Industry Action. A report on the status of the SATOPS recommendations will be published semi-annually.