Part D - Manufacturer's Recommendation (MR) Process

Chapter4. Scheduled Maintenance Instructions

a) Scheduled Maintenance Instruction Review and Approval

The ICAs, as published by the type certificate holder, must contain a statement from the most senior manager responsible for the scheduled maintenance instruction development, which states that the scheduled maintenance instructions and their associated procedures have been reviewed and approved for use by operators, and identify any limitations applicable when implementing the instructions.

b) Scheduled Maintenance Instruction Publication

The type certificate holder publishes the scheduled maintenance instructions as part of the aircraft’s “Instructions for Continued Airworthiness”. It is the responsibility of the type certificate holder to issue amendments to the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness as required. An aircraft operator may make no changes to the scheduled maintenance instructions.

c) Scheduled Maintenance Instruction Development as a “Living Process”

Prior to TCCA’s acceptance of the scheduled maintenance instructions as part of the aircraft’s type certification process, the type certificate applicant must develop an auditable system for the continuing analysis of all tasks included within the maintenance instructions. As part of the continuing analysis system, the type certificate applicant must address the following,

  1. A system for acquiring from operators reports related to adequacy of tasks, failures, failure frequencies and the consequence of the failures;
  2. An age-exploration system for the continuous evaluation of age-condition information, for the substantiation of current task intervals and for the adjustment of task intervals;
  3. A system for controlling the addition of new scheduled tasks, to ensure that they meet RCM criteria before they are accepted;
  4. A system for the periodic evaluation of all tasks in the program to eliminate those which are no longer needed;
  5. A system for evaluating unanticipated problems and determining the appropriate action.