Technical Examinations

Technical: (90 questions)

Unless otherwise stated, or obvious from the context, all examination questions relate to a normal situation (e.g. in the case of an aircraft, it should be assumed that it is in an airworthy condition, and if in flight, that it is in stable cruise). Questions may be based on knowledge of: theory, components, testing, operation, inspection or troubleshooting of a system.

The examination questions are designed to test the candidate's knowledge of the subject areas and their common applications, plus the capability to summarize, analyze and accurately apply the basic principles to a varied range of circumstances.


(50 questions for the M, E and S ratings)
(25 questions for the Balloon rating)

Questions may be based on knowledge of application of the applicable regulation or location of a specific regulation.

Multiple-choice questions consist of an introductory statement (the stem) and four optional answers. The options include the correct answer (the key) and three wrong answers (the distracters). The candidate must select the correct answer from the options given. The number of questions indicated for each exam is approximate.

Examinations may be attempted at most TC offices. Candidates are advised to check with the office in question prior to the examination, to ensure that space is available at the desired time and location.