Examination Results - Decoding

Candidates who write an examination will be informed of the Question topics they answered incorrectly by a series of numbers related to the sections and topics contained in this Guide. Questions relating to more than one topic are shown by a slash (/) separating the series of numbers (example 3). The method of decoding these numbers is explained by the examples below.


Example (1)  
Section 1. Air Law and Procedures
Sub-section   3. CARs - PART IV - Personnel Licensing and Training
Subpart     2. Flight Crew Permits, Licence and Ratings
Topic        4 Personnel Logs
Example (2) 5.9.7  
Section 5. Meteorology
Sub-section   9. Wind
Topic       7 Diurnal Effects
Example (3) 6.4.6/  
Section 6. Navigation and Radio Aids
Sub-section  4. Pilot Navigation
Topic    6 Fuel Requirements
Section          1. Air Law and Procedures
Sub-section              4. Cars - PART VI - General Operating and Flight Rules
Subpart                  3. Operating and Flight Rules
Topic                    13 Flights over built up area - Balloons