Notes:  1.  For the purposes of this icing document the following abbreviations apply.

# Abbreviation Definition Remarks
1 AAF Aircraft Anti-Icing Fluid As indicated
2 AC Advisory Circular FAA term for guidance
3 ADF Aircraft Deicing Fluid As Indicated
4 AEA Association of European Airlines Provides direction - non regulatory
5 AO Air Operator Regulatory
6 AMS Aerospace Material Specification SAE document designation
7 ARP Aerospace Recommended Practice SAE document designation
8 ASTM American Society for Testing of Materials Per the name
9 BOD Biological Oxygen Demand  
10 CAR Canadian Aviation Regulation Subordinate to Aeronautics Act
11 CASS Commercial Air Service Standard Subordinate to CAR
12 CBAAC Commercial and Business Aviation Advisory Circular Regulatory
13 CEPA Canadian Environmental Protection Act As indicated
14 CDF Central Deicing Facility At Large Airports
15 COM Company Operations Manual Regulatory
16 FAA Federal Aviation Administration US Regulator
17 FPD Freezing Point Depressant Deicing/Anti-icing Fluids
18 GOFR General Operating and Flight Rules Part 6 of the CARs
19 GIDS Ground Ice Detection System Devices either spot or area
20 ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization World wide rep of CivAv
21 IFR Instrument Flight Rules Std.
22 IR Infrared Energy type
23 LOUT Lowest Operational Use Temperature Limitation on a fluid's use
24 MSDS Material Specification Data Sheet Details re contents of fluid
25 OAT Outside Air Temperature As indicated
26 OSH Occupational Safety and Health Personnel safety at the workplace
27 QAP Quality Assurance Program  
28 QAS Quality Assurance System Regulatory
29 SAE Society of Automotive Engineers Independent Aerospace
30 SMS Safety Management System Canadian Regulatory req'mt
31 TC Transport Canada Canadian Regulator
32 TDC Transportation Development Centre TC Research Centre
33 TP Transport Canada Publication Generic
34 VFR Visual Flight Rules Std.