Chapter 4 - Preventative Measures and Deicing Procedures


12.  Probably the most commonly used and most readily available deicing manual tool is the broom. Although a common household broom could be used, a larger, sturdier commercial variety is usually chosen. Care must be taken to ensure the bristles are sturdy enough to be effective, yet not so stiff as to do damage to the skin of the aircraft. The broom that is to be used to sweep snow from the aircraft should not be used to sweep floors as this can introduce unwanted foreign contaminants and chemicals to the aircraft surfaces.

13.  Brooms are very useful in cleaning windows and other sensitive areas (e.g. a radome) where the application of hot liquid is best avoided or prohibited.

14.  Aircraft height requires that extra attention be paid to safety, especially when combined with the tendency to stretch the reach with a broom. If a ladder or other such device is used, personnel must be certain that it is well steadied. Slippery surfaces can make climbing somewhat dangerous.

15.  Personnel have attempted to sweep snow from wing and tail surfaces while standing on these surfaces. This is an extremely unsafe practice with a very high risk of a slip and fall accident. As well, many surfaces are not stressed to support the weight of a person. The broom should be used in a pulling motion from leading edge to trailing edge