Cancellation notice - documents updated by TP 4711

With the publication of Edition 4 of TP 4711 (Air Operator Certification Manual), the documents included in the following table are being cancelled, effective 23 December 2020.

The content of the subject documents has either been updated and included in TP 4711, or been deemed redundant/invalid.

Signed by

Felix Meunier
A/Director, Standards Branch

No. Document

AC 700-043

Changes to Air Operator Certificates and Private Operator Registration Documents

AC 703-005

Air Taxi CAR 703 Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC) Validity Period

CBAAC No. 0072R

Ground De- Icing/Anti-Icing Of Aircraft With The Main Engines Running

CBAAC No. 0091R

Flight Time and Flight Duty Time Limitations and Rest Periods

CBAAC No. 0107R

Reporting Aircraft Defects and Unserviceabilities

CBAAC No. 0108

Protective Breathing Equipment Requirements

CBAAC No. 0116

Infant Passenger Count

CBAAC No. 0117

Crew Resource Management Training

CBAAC No. 0127

Manual Cross-Referencing List

CBAAC No. 0130R

Revised Airborne Icing Training Guidance Material

CBAAC No. 0141

Notice to Pilots and Air Operators – Low-Energy Hazards/ Balked Landing/Go-Around

CBAAC No. 0147

Airborne Icing Update

CBAAC No. 0153

Requirements Concerning Operations in Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR)

CBAAC No. 0161

Controlled Flight into Terrain

CBAAC No. 0167

Notice to Operators and Pilots Operating Single Pilot IFR and Carrying Passengers Under Subpart 703

CBAAC No. 0169

Aeroplane Upset Training

CBAAC No. 0204R

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements Respecting Infant Life Preservers

CBAAC No. 0207

Monitoring of Flight Time and Flight Duty Time

CBAAC No. 0243

Instrument Landing System/Precision Runway Monitor Approaches - Operations Specification

CBAAC No. 0248

Narrow Runway Operations

IPB 2014-04

The Requirement to Obtain Operations Specification 609 or 610 in Order to Receive ADS-B Surveillance Services in CDN Airspace

IPB 2015-12

Temporary Changes to the Procedure for Reviewing a Minimum Equipment List

IPB 2016-02

Process to Add Dangerous Goods Special Authorizations on Air Operator Certificates

IPB 2016-10

Process for the Review and Approval by CASI - Cabin Safety of Operator Manual and Training Program Submissions

Policy Letter 105

1200 RVR Beech 200

Policy Letter 117

The Best Use of Public Resources

Policy Letter 121

Procedures in Approving Scheduled Passenger Service Operations in Uncertified Aerodromes

Policy Letter 141

Operation of the same aircraft under multiple Part VII Subparts of the CARs by operators who hold AOCs

Policy Letter 145

Helicopter Landings and Take-offs within the Built- up Areas of Cities and Towns

Policy Letter 153

Practical Training - Emergency Procedures Training for Pilots

Policy Letter 154

Approval of Operator Training Programs

Policy Letter 161

Resetting Tripped Circuit Breakers

Policy Letter 162

Interpretation of Paragraph 700.15(1)(f) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations – Single Pilot IFR – Flight Time Limitations

Policy Letter 165R2

Carriage of External Loads

Policy Letter 170

Approval of training required for issuing Operations Specification 602 - ILS/PRM Approaches

Policy Letter 175

Pilot self-training for Canadian operators operating under Subparts 702 and 703 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Policy Letter 177

Review of Crew Member Security Procedures and Training Programs

TP 3783

Air Carrier Inspector Manual

TP 8880

Starting a Commercial Air Service

TP 10839

Guide to Air Ambulance Operations

TP 14216

Inspector Quick Guide for Approvals and Inspections of Operational Control Systems

ALL Part VII 40 Series Guidance Material

CAR 700 Guidance material
CAR 703 Guidance Material
CAR 704 Guidance Material
CAR 705 Guidance Material

Cancellation notice
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