Pursuant to section 5.9(2) of the Aeronautics Act, and having determined that this exemption is in the public interest and will not compromise aviation safety, I hereby exempt the pilots of operators under contract with Hydro-Québec, who are named in the attached list, from the requirements of sections 602.96 (3) b) and c) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, whereby aircraft pilots are required to make all turns to the left when operating within the aerodrome traffic circuit and to conform to or avoid the pattern of traffic formed by other aircraft in operation, subject to the conditions set out below.


The purpose of this exemption is to allow the pilots of operators under contract with Hydro-Québec at Havre St-Pierre airport to make right turns in the circuit for runway 27 and to not conform to the pattern of traffic formed by other aircraft for runways 09 and 27.


This exemption applies to the pilots of rotary wing aircraft when such aircraft are operated under contract with Société Hydro-Québec in its operations at Havre St-Pierre airport for air movements related to the La Romaine hydroelectric complex.


This exemption is granted subject to the following conditions.

General conditions

visibility is less than 1.5 statute miles, and
remote aerodrome advisory service (RAAS) is not available.

  1. For the purposes of this exemption, the area designated for taking off with a sling is considered to be an integral part of the threshold of runway 27.
  2. The take-off area shall at all times be accessed using the hover taxi method following the airport taxiways.
  3. This exemption shall not apply if:
  4. All mandatory circuit manoeuvres prescribed in sections 602.96 and 602.97 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations shall be executed except those prescribed in sections 602.96 (3)b) et 602.96 (3)c) as set out in this exemption.   
  5. All navigation lights, landing lights and other lights on the subject aircraft shall be on at all times.
  6. All pilots operating a subject aircraft shall receive a prior briefing on this exemption (conditions and procedures) and shall sign a copy hereof to serve as an undertaking.  The list of all pilots and their signatures shall be made available at the flight operations office of Hydro-Québec at Havre St. Pierre airport and shall be available to Transport Canada inspectors on request.
  7. All weather minima set out in this exemption shall be based on the latest METAR or AWOS report for Havre St-Pierre. 

Operational conditions

  1. All take-offs shall be made from the threshold of runway 27.
  2. All departures shall be made via the point BP (500 19.8N/630 39.4W) before proceeding en route.
  3. All arrivals shall be made via the point BP (500 19.8N/630 39.4W) before proceeding to the airport for landing.
  4. When one or more aircraft not covered by this exemption are in the circuit or 5 statute miles or less on final for runway 27, all helicopters to which this exemption applies shall:
    • if departing, remain in the parking areas;
    • if arriving, remain at point BP (500 19.8N/630 39.4W) in sequence.
  5. The circuit altitude shall not exceed 1200 feet asl.
  6. In the event of potential conflict, aircraft already in the circuit shall have priority.
  7. Altitude in the area of La Romaine I (50025.0 N/63016.9’W  50020.5N/63014.0’W   50019.3’N/63021.7W  50022.4N/63017.0W) shall not exceed 1000 feet asl.  However, when weather conditions are less than 1700 feet asl and 3 statute miles, altitude shall not exceed 600 feet asl. 
  8. A copy of this exemption shall be kept by every exempted pilot and carried on board the helicopter.


This exemption shall remain in effect until the soonest of:

  1. 31 December 2005 at 2359 EST;
  2. any of the above conditions is not longer complied with;
  3. this exemption is rescinded in writing by the Minister if the Minister considers that it is no longer in the public interest or that it could compromise aviation safety.

DATED at Montréal, Quebec, this 11th day of August 2004, on behalf of the Minister of Transport.

Yves Gosselin
Regional Director
Civil Aviation, Quebec Region

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