Airworthiness Chapter 549 Subchapter C - Rotary-Wing Aircraft - Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Content last revised: 1998/02/17

Subchapter C Rotary-wing aircraft

549.201 General

  1. (a) This subchapter contains standards of airworthiness for:
    1. (1) Helicopters;
    2. (2) Gyroplanes; and
    3. (3) Gyrogliders.
  2. (b) The aircraft shall meet the applicable mass limits specified in section 549.203.
  3. (c) [Helicopters will be accepted on the basis of a type evaluation, and will be issued a Special Certificate of Airworthiness in the Amateur-Built classification according to Chapter 507.

[Information note:

[On the basis of recommendations made by a technical organisation or person(s) acceptable to the Minister, helicopters may be eligible for a special C of A Amateur-Built. On behalf of Transport Canada, such an organisation or person(s) will carry out the type evaluation following the criteria contained in AMA 549.201).]

(Change 549-1 (93-06-30))

(Amendment 549-2 (96-04-01))

549.203 Maximum Take-off Mass

  1. (a) [Helicopters and Gyroplanes]: The maximum permissible take-off mass shall not be greater than 700 kg (1540 lb), except that the maximum disc loading referred to the total disc area shall not exceed 20 kg/m2 (4.10 lb/sq. ft).
  2. (b) [Gyrogliders] : The maximum mass shall not exceed 510 kg (1125 lb).

(Amendment 549-2 (96-04-01))

549.205 Number of Seats

  1. (a) For the purpose of applying the requirements set out in section 549.207 only one aircraft seat may be designated as a pilot's seat; and
  2. (b) The number of passenger seats shall not exceed one.

549.207 Maximum Empty Mass

The requirements set out in section 549.107 apply.

549.209 Minimum Rated Engine Power

  1. (a) Helicopters: The minimum rated engine power will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  2. (b) Gyroplanes: The requirements set out in 549.109(a) apply.

549.211 Performance: Rate of Climb

  1. (a) Helicopters: The rate of climb will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  2. (b) Gyroplanes: Gyroplanes are exempt from climb requirements.

549.213 Equipment and Instruments

In addition to the applicable equipment and instruments specified in section 549.13, the following are required:

  1. (a) Helicopters: A main rotor tachometer with rotor speed limits clearly identified.
  2. (b) Gyrogliders: Items (a)(1) and (b)(1) of section 549.13 are required as a minimum.

549.215 Placards

In addition to the placards required by section 549.15, rotorcraft shall have a placard stating any ballast required, as obtained from the Aircraft Weight and Balance Report.