Airworthiness Chapter 549 Subchapter D - Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft - Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Content last revised: 1998/02/17

Subchapter D - Lighter-than-air aircraft

549.301 General

  1. (a) This subchapter contains standards of airworthiness for:
    1. (1) Manned free balloons; and
    2. (2) Airships.
  2. (b) The aircraft buoyancy shall be provided by heated air or captive non-flammable gas.

549.303 Maximum Displaced Volume

The maximum displaced volume shall not exceed:

  1. (a) Balloons: 2200 m3 (77 690 ft3)
  2. (b) Airships: 4300 m3 (151 850 ft3)

549.305 Number of Occupants

  1. (a) Balloons: The number of occupants shall be established by the applicant so that pilot operation during take-off, ascent and descent are not adversely affected, but shall not exceed four.
  2. (b) Airships: The number of occupants shall not exceed two.

549.307 Maximum Empty Mass

The empty mass of a LTA aircraft shall include installed equipment but no lifting gas or heater fuel, and shall not exceed:

  1. (a) Balloons: 455 Kg (1000 lb).
  2. (b) Airships: 2500 Kg (5511 lb).

(Change 549-1 (93-06-30))

549.309 Power Plant Installation: Airships

The power plant installation and the minimum rated engine power will be evaluated on an individual basis.

549.313 Equipment and Instruments

  1. (a) Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft: In lieu of the equipment and instruments required by section 549.13, all Lighter-Than-Air aircraft are required to have the following items as a minimum:
    1. (1) an altimeter;
    2. (2) a rate of climb indicator; and
    3. (3) for each occupant, appropriate restraining means securely anchored to the primary structure, unless the balloon has a basket or gondola.
  2. (b) Hot Air Balloons: In addition to the requirements of 549.313 (a), hot-air balloons shall have:
    1. (1) a fuel quantity gauge for each fuel tank;
    2. (2) an envelope temperature indicator; and
    3. (3) shielding to protect occupants and parts adjacent to the burner flame unless the Minister finds it unnecessary.
  3. (c) Captive Gas Balloons: In addition to the requirements of 549.313 (a) and (b), captive gas balloons shall have a compass.
  4. (d) Airships: In addition to the instruments and equipment of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, airships shall have the applicable power plant instruments of paragraph 549.13(c).

(Change 549-1 (93-06-30))

549.315 Placards

In addition to the placards specified in paragraph 549.15(a) the following are required:

  1. (a) In lieu of 549.15(b), a placard shall be displayed in a conspicuous position, readily visible to persons entering the aircraft, showing the number of occupants allowed:

    "Maximum Number of Occupants:  .........",


    "Nombre maximum d'occupants :   .........",

  2. (b) For hot air balloons on the envelope in full view of the pilot:

    "Maximum Operational Envelope
    Temperature .......°C ( ....... °F)";


    "Température opérationnelle maximale
    de l'enveloppe .......°C ( .......°F)".