Airworthiness Chapter 566 Appendix B - Part 1 Aircraft Maintenance Experience Sample Tasks - Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Content last revised: 1999/08/01

(by Air Transport Association (ATA) Specification 100 Chapter Code)

M, E and S Ratings

These sample tasks represent a cross section of experience which apply to M-1, M-2, E and S ratings.

Some tasks apply to each rating, while others are clearly exclusive to one. Licensing applicants should review the list for applicability to the type of aircraft on which they are logging experience. In most instances, the list emulates that which is contained in the TC AME Personal Logbook.

Once a task has been completed it should be entered and certified as specified in 566.03.

ATA: 05 (Time limits & Maintenance checks)

100 hour check (general aviation aircraft).

"B" or "C" check (transport category aircraft).

Review records for compliance with airworthiness directives.

Review records for compliance with component life limits.

Inspection following heavy landing.

Inspection following lightning strike.

ATA: 06 (Dimensions/areas)

Locate component(s) by station number.

Perform symmetry check.

ATA: 07 (Lifting and shoring)

Jack aircraft nose or tail wheel.

Jack complete aircraft.

Sling or trestle major component.

ATA: 08 (Leveling/weighing)

Level aircraft.

Weigh aircraft.

Prepare weight and balance amendment.

Check aircraft against equipment list.

ATA: 09 (Towing and taxiing)

Tow aircraft.

Taxi aircraft.

ATA: 10 (Parking and mooring)

Tie down aircraft.

Park, secure and cover aircraft.

Position aircraft in dock.

Secure rotor blades.

ATA: 11 (Placards and markings)

Check aircraft for correct placards.

Check aircraft for correct markings.

ATA: 12 (Servicing)

Refuel aircraft.

Defuel aircraft.

Check tire pressures.

Check oil level.

Check hydraulic fluid level.

Check accumulator pressure.

Charge pneumatic system.

Grease aircraft.

Connect ground power.

Service toilet/water system.

Perform pre-flight check.

ATA: 18 (Vibration and Noise Analysis)

Analyze helicopter vibration problem.

Analyze noise spectrum.

ATA: 21 (Air conditioning)

Replenish vapour system.

Replace combustion heater.

Replace outflow valve.

Replace vapour cycle unit.

Replace air cycle unit.

Replace cabin blower.

Replace heat exchanger.

Replace pressurization controller.

Clean outflow valves.

Check operation of air conditioning/heating system.

Check operation of pressurization system.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 22 (Auto flight)

Install servos.

Rig bridle cables.

Replace controller.

Replace amplifier.

Check operation of auto-pilot.

Check operation of auto-throttle.

Check operation of yaw damper.

Check and adjust servo clutch.

Perform autopilot gain adjustments.

Perform mach trim functional check.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 23 (Communications)

Replace VHF corn unit.

Replace HF com unit.

Replace existing antenna.

Install new antenna

Replace static discharge wicks.

Check operation of radios.

Perform antenna check.

Perform selcal operational check.

Perform operational check of passenger address system.

Functionally check audio integrating system.

Repair co-axial cable.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 24 (Electrical Power)

Charge lead/acid battery.

Charge ni-cad battery.

Check battery capacity.

Replace cells.

Deep cycle ni-cad battery.

Replace generator.

Replace switches.

Replace circuit breakers.

Adjust voltage regulator.

Amend electrical load analysis report.

Repair / replace electrical feeder cable.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 25 (Equipment/Furnishings)

Replace carpets.

Replace crew seats.

Replace passenger seats.

Check inertia reels.

Check seats/belts for security.

Check emergency equipment.

Check ELT for compliance with regulations

Repair toilet waste container.

Repair upholstery.

Change cabin configuration.

ATA: 26 (Fire protection)

Check fire bottle contents.

Check operation of warning system.

Check cabin fire extinguisher contents.

Check lavatory smoke detector system.

Install new fire bottle.

Replace fire bottle squib.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 27 (Flight Controls)

Replace horizontal stabilizer.

Replace elevator.

Replace aileron.

Replace rudder.

Replace trim tabs.

Install control cable and fittings.

Replace flaps.

Replace powered flying control unit.

Replace flap actuator.

Adjust trim tab.

Adjust control cable tension.

Check control range and sense of movement.

Check for correct assembly and locking.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 28 (Fuel)

Replace booster pump.

Replace fuel selector.

Replace fuel tank cells.

Check filters.

Flow check system.

Check calibration of fuel quantity gauges.

Check operation feed/selectors.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 29 (Hydraulics)

Replace engine driven pump.

Replace standby pump.

Replace accumulator.

Check operation of shut off valve.

Check filters.

Check indicating systems.

Perform functional checks.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 30 (Ice and rain protection)

Replace fluid tank.

Replace pump.

Replace timer.

Replace distributor.

Install wiper motor.

Repair de-icing boot.

Adjust brush block.

Check operation of systems.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 31 (Indicating/Recording Systems)

Replace flight data recorder.

Replace cockpit voice recorder.

Replace clock.

Replace panel vibrator.

Replace master caution unit.

Perform FDR calibration/correlation check.

Perform FDR data retrieval.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 32 (Landing Gear)

Build up wheel.

Replace main wheel.

Replace nose wheel.

Replace shimmy damper.

Rig nose wheel steering.

Replace shock strut seals.

Replace brake unit.

Replace brake control valve.

Bleed brakes.

Test anti skid unit.

Test gear retraction.

Change bungees.

Install floats.

Install skis.

Adjust micro switches.

Charge struts.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 33 (Lights)

RepairIreplace rotating beacon.

Repair/replace landing lights.

RepairIreplace navigation lights.

RepairIreplace interior lights.

Repair replace emergency lighting system.

Perform emergency lighting system checks.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 34 (Navigation)

Calibrate magnetic direction indicator.

Replace airspeed indicator.

Replace altimeter.

Replace air data computer.

Replace VOR unit.

Replace ADI.

Replace HSI.

Check pitot static system for leaks.

Check operation of directional gym.

Functional check weather radar.

Functional check doppler.

Functional check TCAS.

Functional check DME.

Functional check ATC Transponder.

Functional check flight director system.

Functional check Inertial nav system.

Complete quadrantal error correction of ADF system.

Update flight management system data base.

Check calibration of altimeter system.

Check calibration of pressure altitude reporting system.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 35 (Oxygen)

Inspect on board oxygen equipment.

Purge and recharge oxygen system.

Replace regulator.

Replace oxygen generator.

Test crew oxygen system.

Perform auto oxygen system deployment check.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 36 (Pneumatic systems)

Replace filter.

Replace compressor.

Recharge dessicator.

Adjust regulator.

Check for leaks.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 37 (Vacuum systems)

Replace vacuum pump.

Check/replace fillers.

Adjust regulator.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 38 (Water/Waste)

Replace water pump.

Replace faucet

Replace toilet pump.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 45 (Central Maintenance System)

Retrieve data from CMU.

Replace CMU.

Perform Bite check.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 49 (Airborne Auxiliary power)

Install APU.

Inspect hot section.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 51 (Structures)

Sheet metal repair.

Composite repair.

Wooden repair.

Fabric repair.

Recover fabric control surface.

Treat corrosion.

Apply protective treatment.

Specific Tasks Associated With The S Rating

Corrosion Control

Ream and treat aluminum alloy corrosion

Remove and treat steel alloy corrosion

Remove and treat magnesium alloy corrosion

Prepare metal surfaces by shot peening

Perform removal and treatment of galvanic corrosion

Corrosion Assessment

Perform inspection of aircraft structure for corrosion

Perform removal of affected corroded areas by chemical/mechanical methods

Perform measurement of corrosion damage

Perform test of metal composites for corrosion

Perform non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection and interpret results

Aircraft Drawings

Interpret information from blueprints


Prepare metal/wood/composite surfaces for sealing

Select/mix and apply sealants to seams, joints and fasteners

Fastener Installation

Identify fasteners and prepare lay out pattern

Drill, ream and countersink holes.

Identify solid rivet types.

Perform heat treatment of rivets.

Perform rivet installation (set and buck).

Perform installation of special fasteners/swage threadless collars.

Perform installation of panel and cowl fasteners.

Perform installation of blind bolts/nuts/rivets/rivnuts.

Perform installation of threaded fasteners/self and non-self locking fasteners.

Remove and install heli-coil.

Structural Damage Assessment

Perform visual inspection of damaged area.

Interpret NDI results.

Draw sketch of damaged area and determine required repair.

Aircraft Structure and Designs

Remove, install and align wing assembly after repair.

Remove, repair, balance install and rig flight surfaces.

Perform a weld repair to tubular structure.

Perform sheet metal repair to monocoque/semi-monocoque fuselages.

Engine and Mounting

Perform a weld repair to an engine mount.

Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals

Perform heat treatment of ferrous/non ferrous metals.

Perform hardness testing of ferrous/and non ferrous metals.


Install and align parts using jigs/holding fixtures.

Install parts maintaining tolerances.

Install, trim and fit parts.

Perform drilling, reaming and countersinking of holes.

Remove, disassemble/reassemble and install components and parts to gain access to a sheet metal repair.

Perform dressing and deburring of repaired area.

Apply of corrosion protection.

Apply of required sealants.

Perform bonding /spot weld parts.

Assemble parts using structural fasteners.

Remove/fabricate/install and safety flight control cables.

Remove old sealant and prepare and apply sealant to "wet wing" fuel tank, and pressure test tank for leaks.

Remove, repair and installation of wing leading edge/vertical/horizontal stabilizer surfaces after hail/bird strike damage.

Remove, prepare and install de-icing boots to wing leading edge/vertical/horizontal stabilizer surfaces.

Remove, prepare and install propeller de-icing boots.

Landing Gear

Repair main/nose landing gear doors

Repair to skis/floats

Sheet Metal Structures

Remove, repair/replace damage parts.

Reinforce/splice/replace structural sheet metal parts.

Reinforce/splice/replace forgings and extrusions.

Remove and replace rod-end fittings.

Repair non-structural cabin interior lining.

Perform stop drilling of small cracks in sheet metal parts.

Prepare and install patch to sheet metal skins.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Read and interpret technical drawings.

Perform layout patterns/templates.

Perform cutting of material to size.

Form sheet metal with hand/machine tools.

Perform cold-working of fastener holes.

Perform sawing and routing of sheet metal.

Perform stop drilling of small cracks in sheet metal.

Perform fastening of sheet metal with rivets.

Perform fastening of sheet metal using bonding process.

Perform punch and drilling of sheet metal.

Perform dimpling and countersinking of sheet metal.

Composite Structures - Composite Repairs

Perform sanding/grinding/routing of damaged area.

Prepare damaged area by step/taper sanding.

Perform fabrication of pattern for cutting cloth patches.

Perform wetting-out of fabric with resin and cut out patches.

Perform a lay-up repair ply/plies using wet/pre-preg cloth.

Perform curing of repairs at room temperature.

Perform curing of repairs with heat blankets/oven.

Perform check for delamination.

Perform installation of inserts.

Perform sanding/priming and painting of repaired surface.

Composite Fabrication

Perform fabrication of master model.

Perform removal of mould from master model.

Perform fabrication of cutting pattern for lay-up plies.

Prepare plies for wet/pre-preg lay-up.

Prepare mould surface.

Perform curing of lay-up with heat blanket/oven/autoclave/room temperature.

Perform check for improper bonding.

Perform trimming of excess from parts/structure being fabricated.

Perform sanding/priming /painting of fabricated parts.

Fabric and Wood Repair

Perform fabric tests.

Perform repair to fabric covering.

Perform recovering of aircraft fabric surfaces.

Perform application of dope to aircraft fabric surfaces.

Perform application of paint to recovered fabric surfaces.

Wood Structures

Perform inspection of wood structures.

Perform selection of aircraft grade wood.

Perform repair/replacement to aircraft wood structure.

Perform sealing and refinishing to an aircraft wood structure.

Perform lamination of fabric to an aircraft wood structure.

Perform application of varnish to an aircraft wood structure.

Fluid lines and Conduits

Perform bending of tubing as per drawings/sample.

Perform fabrication of flexible hoses and leak test.

Perform fabrication of conduits and manifolds.


Perform inspection of aircraft windows

Remove and install cockpit windshield/sliding windows/side windows.

Perform buffing/polishing of windows.

ATA: 52 (Doors)

Rig/adjust locking mechanism.

Adjust air stair system.

Check operation of emergency exits.

Test door warning system.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 56 (Windows)

Replace windshield.

Replace window.

Repair transparency.

ATA: 57 (Wings)

Skin repair.

Recover fabric wing.

Replace tip.

Replace rib.

Check incidence/rig.

ATA: 61 (Propeller)

Assemble prop after transportation.

Replace propeller.

Replace governor.

Adjust governor.

Perform static functional checks.

Check operation during ground run.

Check track.

Check setting of micro switches.

Dress out blade damage.

Dynamically balance prop.

Overhaul governor.

Overhaul prop.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 62 (Main Rotors)

Install rotor assembly.

Replace blades.

Replace damper assembly.

Check track.

Check static balance.

Check dynamic balance.


ATA: 63 (Rotor Drive)

Replace mast.

Replace drive coupling.

Replace clutch/freewheel unit.

Replace drive belt.

Install main gearbox.

Overhaul main gearbox.

Check gearbox chip detectors.

ATA: 64 (Tail Rotors)

Install rotor assembly.

Replace blades.


ATA: 65 (Tail Rotor Drive)

Replace bevel gearbox.

Replace universal joints.

Overhaul bevel gearbox.

Install drive assembly.

Check chip detectors.

ATA: 67 (Rotorcraft flight controls)

Install swash plate.

Install mixing box.

Adjust pitch links.

Rig collective system.

Rig cyclic system.

Rig anti-torque system.

Check controls for assembly and locking.

Check controls for operation and sense.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 71 (Power Plant)

Build up ECU.

Replace engine.

Replace scat hose.

Repair cooling baffles.

Repair cowling.

Adjust cowl flaps.

Repair faulty wiring.


ATA: 72 (Piston Engines)

Remove/install reduction gear.

Overhaul engine.

Top overhaul.

Check crankshaft run-out.

Check tappet clearance.

Check compression.

Extract broken stud.

Install helicoil

Perform ground run.

Establish/check reference RPM.


ATA: 72 (Turbine Engines)

Replace module.

Hot section inspection.

Engine ground run.

Establish reference power

Trend monitoring/gas path analysis.


ATA: 73 (Fuel and control, piston)

Replace engine driven pump.

Adjust AMC.

Adjust ABC.

install carburetor/injector.

Adjust carburetor/injector.

Clean injector nozzles.

Replace primer line.

Check carburetor float setting.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 73 (Fuel and control, turbine)

Replace FCU.

Replace engine driven pump.

CleanItest fuel nozzles.

Clean/replace fitters.

Adjust FCU.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 74 (Ignition systems, piston)

Change magneto.

Change ignition vibrator.

Change plugs.

Test plugs.

Check H.T. leads.

Install new leads.

Check timing.

Check system bonding.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 74 (Ignition systems, turbine)

Check glow plugs/ignitors.

Check H.T. leads

Check ignition unit.

Replace ignition unit.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 76 (Engine Controls)

Rig thrust lever.

Rig RPM control.

Rig mixture HP cock lever.

Rig power lever.

Check control sync (multi-eng).

Check controls for correct assembly and locking.

Check controls for range and sense of operation.

Adjust pedestal micro-switches.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 77 ( Engine Indicating)

Replace engine instrument(s).

Replace oil temperature bulb.

Replace thermocouples.

Check calibration.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 78 ( Exhaust, piston)

Replace exhaust gasket.

Inspect welded repair.

Pressure check cabin heater muff.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 78 (Exhaust, turbine)

Change jetpipe.

Change shroud assembly.

Install trimmers.

ATA: 79 (Oil)

Change oil.

Check filter(s).

Adjust pressure relief valve.

Replace oil tank.

Replace oil pump.

Replace oil cooler.

Replace firewall shut off valve.

Perform oil dilution.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 80 (Starting)

Replace starter.

Replace start relay.

Replace start control valve.

Check cranking speed.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 81 (Turbines, piston engines)

Replace PRT

Replace turbo-blower.

Replace heat shields.

Replace waste gate.

Adjust density controller.

ATA: 82 (Engine water Injection)

Replace water/methanol pump.

Flow check waterImeth system.

Adjust water I meth. control unit.

Check fluid for quality.

Troubleshoot faulty system.

ATA: 83 (Accessory gear boxes)

Replace gearbox

Replace drive shaft

Check chip detector.