Part V - Airworthiness Manual Chapter 549 - Amateur-Built Aircraft

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) - 2019-1

Content last revised: 1998/02/17


549.201 General

(a) This subchapter contains standards of airworthiness for:

(1) Helicopters;

(2) Gyroplanes; and

(3) Gyrogliders.

(b) The aircraft shall meet the applicable mass limits specified in section 549.203.

(c) [Helicopters will be accepted on the basis of a type evaluation, and will be issued a Special Certificate of Airworthiness in the Amateur-Built classification according to Chapter 507.

[Information Note:

[On the basis of recommendations made by a technical organisation or person(s) acceptable to the Minister, helicopters may be eligible for a special C of A Amateur-Built. On behalf of Transport Canada, such an organisation or person(s) will carry out the type evaluation following the criteria contained in AMA 549.201).]

(Change 549-1 (93-06-30))

(Amendment 549-2 (96-04-01))

549.203 Maximum Take-off Mass

(a) [Helicopters and Gyroplanes]: The maximum permissible take-off mass shall not be greater than 700 kg (1540 lb), except that the maximum disc loading referred to the total disc area shall not exceed 20 kg/m2 (4.10 lb/sq. ft).

(b) [Gyrogliders] : The maximum mass shall not exceed 510 kg (1125 lb).

(Amendment 549-2 (96-04-01))

549.205 Number of Seats

(a) For the purpose of applying the requirements set out in section 549.207 only one aircraft seat may be designated as a pilot's seat; and

(b) The number of passenger seats shall not exceed one.

549.207 Maximum Empty Mass

The requirements set out in section 549.107 apply.

549.209 Minimum Rated Engine Power

(a) Helicopters: The minimum rated engine power will be evaluated on an individual basis.

(b) Gyroplanes: The requirements set out in 549.109(a) apply.

549.211 Performance: Rate of Climb

(a) Helicopters: The rate of climb will be evaluated on an individual basis.

(b) Gyroplanes: Gyroplanes are exempt from climb requirements.

549.213 Equipment and Instruments

In addition to the applicable equipment and instruments specified in section 549.13, the following are required:

(a) Helicopters: A main rotor tachometer with rotor speed limits clearly identified.

(b) Gyrogliders: Items (a)(1) and (b)(1) of section 549.13 are required as a minimum.

549.215 Placards

In addition to the placards required by section 549.15, rotorcraft shall have a placard stating any ballast required, as obtained from the Aircraft Weight and Balance Report.