Part V - Standard 507 Appendix A - Application for a Certificate of Airworthiness (#24 - 0043)

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2019-1

Content last revised: 1996/10/10

Copies of the application form will be provided, at no charge, by any Transport Canada office.

To assist in the completion of the application form, the following information and guidance is provided:

Block A1

If a provisional registration mark is assigned to an aircraft pursuant to CAR 202, the word "provisional" shall be included in Block A1.

Block A2

The square shown as "other" is included for future use in the event that a new type or configuration of aircraft, is accepted for use in Canada.

Block A3

The maximum certified take-off weight for configuration indicated in A2.

Block A4

Self explanatory

Blocks A5 & A6

The model designation and serial numbers of the aircraft shall be the same as those shown on the aircraft identification plate. Each engine and propeller model designation and serial numbers shall be the same as those shown on each engine and propeller.

Block A7

Hours to be recorded in this block shall be taken from the aircraft technical records required by CAR 605.92. It is important that, in the case of a used aircraft, the documents which provide a history of the aircraft are sufficient (as described in 507.07(5) of this chapter) and that data such as hours of operation are transferred to the new technical records and are included in this form. In the case of aircraft, only the comment "since new" applies, whereas either comment "since new" or "since overhauled" can apply to engines and propellers.

Block A8

Examples of aircraft which could qualify for a certificate of airworthiness, other than those which are Transport Canada type certified, are aircraft which have been given a provisional type certificate, Amateur-Built aircraft that meet the standards prescribed in Airworthiness Manual Chapter 549, and ex-military aircraft that meet the standards specified in Appendix F. When the standard is shown on the form as "other", a full description of the aircraft and applicable standards shall be attached to the form.

Block A9

The owner of an aircraft shall ensure that all airworthiness directives, including the most recent, have been implemented.

Block B1

All aircraft for which a certificate of airworthiness is requested shall be of a type for which standards of airworthiness have been established by the Minister in accordance with CAR Part V. The box identified as "Other" provides for any new type of aircraft not yet fully covered by Transport Canada airworthiness standards, or for an aircraft, used solely by a Canadian government agency or department, which could meet Transport Canada standards.

Block B2

Particular care shall be taken to include, as an attachment or attachments, all of the additional information listed in Table I of 507.06 of this chapter.

Blocks C1 & C2

In the case of an Amateur-Built aircraft, the builder can certify that the aircraft is airworthy, in conformity with CAR Part V. Forms submitted to Transport Canada are to bear an original signature in permanent ink.

Block C3

Will be completed by the Transport Canada issuing officer.


Sample Form #24-0043

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