Part V - Standard 507 Schedule 1 - Matrix of Aircraft Operating Conditions

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2019-1

Content last revised: 1996/10/10

Matrix of Aircraft Operating Conditions

(1) The following conditions are applicable to any flight authority other than a certificate of airworthiness; this includes, but is not limited to, a special certificate of airworthiness, a flight permit, or the validation of a foreign flight authority:

Information Note

The numbering of the special conditions and operating limitations detailed below corresponds with the numbering of the special conditions and operating limitations listed in the matrix of Schedule 1.

  1. Valid for the purpose of (specify purpose);
  2. Use as a commercial aircraft prohibited;
  3. Crew members only, no passengers;
  4. Crew members only - no passengers, except those persons whom the pilot-in-command determines as having a bona fide interest in the demonstration;
  5. Crew members shall be the holders of valid and subsisting pilot licences issued or endorsed by Canada or the (state of registry to be specified) and which are appropriate to their duties;
  6. Gross take-off weight not to exceed (specific weight to be listed on the flight permit);
  7. Flight into known or predicted icing conditions prohibited;
  8. VNE to be established by flight test;
  9. Day VFR only;
  10. VFR only;
  11. Flight over built-up areas prohibited;
  12. Flight over built-up areas prohibited, and flight in congested airspace to be avoided;
  13. Flight over built-up areas prohibited except during take-offs and landings;
  14. Flight authority issued by (specify authority) shall be valid and shall be carried on board the aircraft together with this validation;
  15. Controlling Air Traffic Control unit to be informed of the experimental nature of the aircraft and the evaluation program prior to flight;
  16. The aircraft shall be formally or provisionally registered in (the) (specify state);
  17. Compliance required with the conditions on the (specify type of permit and authority);
  18. Controlling Agency at airport of take-off shall be informed of overload conditions prior to take-off;
  19. Permission of the foreign aviation authority required prior to flight in their airspace;
  20. The aircraft can only operate from a base indicated by Transport Canada in order to provide the highest degree of safety for the operation of the aircraft;
  21. The aircraft shall not be operated (flown) more than 25 nautical miles from the base mentioned in (20) except with written authority of the Regional Director Aviation Licensing , (specify region) Region, which will be provided, taking into account the safety of the flight;
  22. The aircraft shall not be flown over any built-up area, or open air assembly of persons;
  23. Carriage of persons other than for dual instruction is prohibited (not to be used for single seat aircraft);
  24. Aerobatic flight is prohibited (not to be used for balloons);
  25. During the first 5 hours of flight, the aircraft can only be flown by pilots who have acquired not less than 100 hours of pilot-in-command flight time in powered aircraft (not to be used for gliders, gyroplanes, or balloons);
  26. Aircraft is to be registered for "Private Purposes" only;
  27. Aircraft to be placarded in the cockpit "Restricted - Agricultural Purposes Only";
  28. Valid until (subject to Section 507.04 of this manual, specify a date which will permit the completion of the particular operation);
  29. Flight testing to be conducted away from built-up areas, airways and air routes;
  30. Ferry-flight (specify from) to (specify to) to be via (specify routing) with technical landings as required;
  31. The side of the aircraft fuselage is to be placarded, in a place that is readily visible to persons entering the aircraft, in letters at least 3/8 inch in height and of a colour that contrasts sharply with the background on which they are shown, in both official languages, as follows: NOTICE: THIS AIRCRAFT IS OPERATING WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS.
Matrix of Aircraft Operating Conditions
No Experimental Flight Permit Specific Purpose Flight Permit Special Certificate of Airworthiness Ferry - flight Foreign Aircraft Validation Foreign Flight Permit Amateur - Built Initial Issue Amateur - Built Modified
x = This condition shall form part of the flight authority.
xx = Keeping the aircraft safety in mind, application of this condition depends on the aircraft type and purpose for which the authority is requested.
1 x x xx x x    
2 xx xx xx x x    
3 xx xx xx xx xx    
4 xx xx xx xx      
5   xx          
6 xx xx xx xx      
7 xx xx xx   xx    
8 xx            
9 xx xx xx xx xx x  
10 xx xx xx xx xx   x
11 xx xx   xx xx    
12 xx   xx xx xx    
13 xx xx xx xx xx    
14         x    
15 x       xx    
16       x x    
17         x    
18   xx          
19 x x xx        
20           x  
21           x  
22           x  
23           x  
24           x x
25           x  
26           x  
27     xx        
28 xx xx   xx xx    
29 xx xx     xx    
30 xx xx   x xx    
31           x x